Perimeter Protection

Solution for the Protection of Perimeters in Industries

Around the world, the concern is to prevent the invasion of properties, avoiding theft, loss of investments and physical damage to the client. What is the use of only alerting when the intruder is already inside the protected area, if the intention is to prevent him from entering?
The SPEEDRITE solution was developed just thinking about it, that is, keeping the invader out of their property. Providing a physical barrier that is not easily transposable and that clearly defines where the property begins. We attend to the three main needs demanded by the Global Perimeter Security Market:
The best solution combining physical barrier, psychological barrier and electronic barrier.

Perimeter Protection for Energy Substation

Our solution makes the protection of electric power substation, which although it is a classified area, has been the subject of robberies, invasions and robberies.

From a preliminary study we developed the conception and projects for the protection of electric power substations throughout Brazil.